Where do ideas come from?

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“Ideas are born from what is smelled, heard, seen, experienced, felt, emotionalized.”

Rod Sterling, the creator of the Twilight zone, couldn’t get it any better. When someone asked him where ideas came from this was his answer:

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Review Round-up

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I believe in telling good stories. Sometimes that’s hard but I do my best in writing stories that are both fun and make you think.
It’s why I spend a lot of time making sure my short stories provoke some kind of thought.

Lately reviews have been running and I’ve attempted not to look at them too much. Today I decided to let my curiousity be the better of me and peeked at my reviews. Here are a few reviews from people who read my short stories. Thank you to those who already did a review. I’m glad to see some honest, positive reviews and it really helps me become more motivated as a writer:


Warning Souls May Cause Blackouts:

“Fun and Fastpaced” 4/5-dreamscape
“A likeable witch in a modern age” 4/5- Cynthia K.


“Interesting journey in the mind of an omniscient machine” 4/5- Daniel Armishaw
Loved this story” 4/5- Allan J. Ashinoff
“Even Gods can Fall” 5/5-  Cynthia K.

To purchase one of my stories go to the Astore.

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A Thirst for Life: Released.

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A Thirst for Life
Dark Fantasy
Cost: $0.99

Vampires have haunted the world since the beginning of time. These bloodsucking demons are somewhere between human and beast. They suffer from an unhealthy obsession with thirst, a madenning thirst which turns them violent and dangerous.

A young psychiatrist is forced to fight the vampires who steal blood from her hospital. As she faces off with the madness of the vampires she realizes her life might be at stake.

Dark Fairytales

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I believe the old myths aren’t gone yet. They just need to be reinvented. I’ve seen some of those reinventions in Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman’s book and heck even Twilight. I think the age of fairytales isn’t gone yet. It just needs be updated for the 21st century. We need to go back to the root of fairytales.

I decided to group my Dark Fantasy stories under one series: Dark Fairytales. They are set in the same world. A world where the odd and strange is real. A world where vampires lurk demons sneak in the shadows and werewolves rule the forests. So in the future whenever I release Dark Fantasy it’ll be part of my series: Dark Fairytales. They will share settings, stories, maybe even characters.

The Dark Fairytales series currently counts 2 stories:

1. To Hell with Blackjack
2. Why Wolves Fear Humans

The next one to be released is called:

A Thirst for Life.

This oen will be released as soon as the coverart is done. It is currently a matter of getting the okay of a DevianArt user.
These three each focus on a certain supernatural being and give you my personal interpretation:

1. To Hell with Blackjack : The Devil
2 Why Wolves Fear Humans: Werewolves
3. A Thirst for Life: Vampires

I’m als glad to unveil a logo for this series:

Took a break.

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I took a little break from blogging to write. Hope you can forgive me. I’ll be back posting blogposts soon Meanwhile I’m pleased to announce the release of  A Thirst for Life. My next short story, it should be released in little under a week. Keep your eyes peeled for my next announcement, it’s going to be something special.

Prompt Embrace a Cliché

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She looked down on the boy with an odd curiousity.

“I thought he’d be bigger,” she said and she reached out for his chin scraping the bottom of his jaw with long nails.

“He’s the one, mum,” one of the goons said as the woman moved the boy’s head about.

“The chosen one,” the woman let go, “does it have a name?”

“Luke,” a goon responded.

“You are quite lucky…Luke,” the woman put on a pair of silk gloves, “for many years we have tried to defeat our Dark Lord. Now we have a deal to stop him. You know the deal?”

The boy shook his head.

“Your mother and father, your family and friends, they will be safe by your sacrifice.”

Luke’s eyes widened. “Can I save them?” he asked.

“Do you want to save them?”

Luke nodded.

“Good,” the woman said. “Kill the boy and let the Dark One have his dinner.”

On the table.

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The year is 2013 and every major government has decided to reveal their most terrible secrets. In unison they leaked their dirty secrets onto the world.  Protests ensue and for one afternoon the world is ablaze with fury and disbelief. Then a final secret is revealed.

We are not alone. They are not friendly and they are coming.

“On the Table” is a continuing story for this blog. I had such a great amount of positive comments to the opening I decided to outline a story.I will be updating the story sporadically, starting with a daily update and moving on from there. I have no intention on publishing this in the futur but I do plan on releasing a collection of the story once it is done. For free. If you wish to support me feel free to buy any of my short stories in the aStore.

Where were you? #1

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“Where were you when they told you the moonlanding wasn’t real?”

I was in highschool. There had been an announcement. A public declaration that all state secrets should be revealed. We never thought they would actually do it.

Our history teacher entered our class to announce we had to move to the cafeteria, the only room big enough to hold all the students. He seemed a bit panicked. We all felt a bit nervous. When everyone had entered and was seated they rolled in a television and turned it on.

For the next three hours everything we thought was true crumbled before our eyes. The history teacher stared at his feet. Perhaps he was selfishly thinking he’d lose his job. Many would lose their jobs. Medicine, Science, Astronomy, Astrology,… Everything was rewritten in one afternoon.

Presidents, Kings, Muftis, Popes, Ministers and Secretaries, all claimed it was for the better. The lies had become too much. We had to be strong now they said.

As a final secret their reasons were revealed. We were not alone. We were not safe. They were coming.

Prompt: You discover a lone Velociraptor in your backyard.

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I opened the window to let in the spring breeze. It had been too warm these past few days and the combination of the morning sun, a cooling wind and orange juice would wake me up for a full work day.

A velociraptop leapt from the neighbour’s shrubbery into my garden. I blinket at the little dinosaur for a few moments then rolled my eyes and took out my cellphone.

“Welcome to the department of temporal misplacement. To report a historic figure press 1. To complain about prehistoric and/or futuristic wildlife press 2. If you fear you are in the wrong part of time please stay on the line.”

I pressed 2 and waited.

“Department of Prehistoric and Futuristic Wildlife Control. How can I help you?”

“Yes, I’d like to report a dinosaur in my garden.”

“What size sir?”

“Velociraptor, could you come and get it… It’s scaring the cat.”

“Of course sir… Will you be home in 17 days?”

“17 DAYS!?”

“I’m sorry sir, it’s not a T-Rex or a triceratops… We go by size.”

“Great Zeus! Can you at least give me some advice on getting rid of it.”

“Lure it out of the garden using the cat.”

“Something that won’t kill the cat.”

“Do you own a dog?”

“Listen,” I told him,”I’m a veteran, a war-hero. I fought in the war of the roses as a Centurion. I think I reserve the right to have a dinosaur removed from my garden right now.”

“Of cours sir, if it is a Brachiosaurus.”

“Alright fine, it’s a Brachiosaurus.”

“A team is on the way.”

FlashFiction: The Discovery of Fire

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Alfred looked rather silly wearing a radiation suit. They hadn’t built suits for men his age or size. But the Professor was the only one qualified to handle the plutonium. He placed the nuclear fuel inside the engine of the machine and slammed it shut.

“Fifteen layers of reinforced steel,” he said as he took off his helmet “should be enough to hold the radiation and contain the explosion.”

“And what if it doesn’t?” I asked.

“Then the time-machine will catch fire.”