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I’m busy writing, working, making life work out. Forgive me for ignoring this blog.  This morning I finally finished the Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson. What can I say? I couldn’t resist making a quick review.


It’s good, but that would do it injustice, so here’s why it is great.

Genuinly, Sanderson’s a master-worldbuilder, it is obvious from his lectures that can be seen on Writing about Dragons. If anyone has not seen these lectures they should, and once they have, read this novel; At a 1000 pages it is gargantuan and very ambitious for a series opener, but it convinces. We see the world through the eyes of several figures, most notable Kaladin, a once hero whose famed luck has turned on him and brought him to slavery and the horrible shattered plains. This is the first time we truly see what Sanderson is capable of, by really delving into the mind of the slave of Bridge Four. We see the consequences of the hubris as men through the eyes of those who suffer the most.

It is a world where people are judged on the colour of their eyes. And where magic is connected to the very nature of the world, one tormented by fierce storms.


In this book there are a number of viewpoint character:

Kaladin, a once hero who is now faced with a lifetime filled with death and cruel slavery at the Shattered Plains.

Dalinar Kholin, a High Prince filled with guilt over the death of his brother. A man living a life filled with codes and rules.

Adolin Kholin, the son of Dalinar, a boy who wishes to see his father return to a former glory, but instead fears to see him fall victim to madness.

Szeth, a dutiful assassin and killer of kings.

Shallan Davar, a young woman seeking apprenticeship with the former King’s sister. She has some ulterior motives.

The book is filled with many characters and it would be a scandal to derive you from the chance of getting to know them.

Though I must warn people, this books is heavy reading, the learning curve is quite steep and a lot is thrown at you. Yet it hooked me at the first page, and on a flight back from Canada I read 300 pages.

+Great worldbuilding
+Great prose
+Amazing characters

-Steep learning curve.



~ by Sander on July 19, 2013.

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