When life happens you tend to forget things. In my case it was this blog. As far as the list of important things went, keeping this one updated daily wasn’t high on the list. I hope this is something that can be forgiven. Currently I will try and be a little more active, but I’m terribly busy. I’ve recently started writing on a full-sized novel. On this blog I have mostly blogged about my love for shortfiction, a quick start and finish without too many hassle. I do love the idea of a big novel, and that’s where I’m working towards now. The progress is pretty slow, I am currently finishing the outline before getting started. I can tell you it is ambitious, maybe even slightly too much. I won’t be writing short stories for the next few months, for exactly that reason.

Now onto my next project. The best description would be epic fantasy. It’s very influenced by Wheel of Time, Way of Kings, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. This story is written with the help of self-published author Sara King. She is one of the cofounders of Parasite Publications, the group of people that will support me from brainstorm to sales. My books will still be selfpublished, but now under the Parasite name.

As I’ll be writing a lot these next few months, trying to finish my first novel before the summer’s deadline, I will have to rid myself of some other distractions. This includes blogging. Because of this I will limit myself to one blogpost per week.

See you next saturday.

~ by Sander on January 19, 2013.

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