Review Round-up

I believe in telling good stories. Sometimes that’s hard but I do my best in writing stories that are both fun and make you think.
It’s why I spend a lot of time making sure my short stories provoke some kind of thought.

Lately reviews have been running and I’ve attempted not to look at them too much. Today I decided to let my curiousity be the better of me and peeked at my reviews. Here are a few reviews from people who read my short stories. Thank you to those who already did a review. I’m glad to see some honest, positive reviews and it really helps me become more motivated as a writer:


Warning Souls May Cause Blackouts:

“Fun and Fastpaced” 4/5-dreamscape
“A likeable witch in a modern age” 4/5- Cynthia K.


“Interesting journey in the mind of an omniscient machine” 4/5- Daniel Armishaw
Loved this story” 4/5- Allan J. Ashinoff
“Even Gods can Fall” 5/5-  Cynthia K.

To purchase one of my stories go to the Astore.

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~ by Sander on October 4, 2012.

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