Dark Fairytales

I believe the old myths aren’t gone yet. They just need to be reinvented. I’ve seen some of those reinventions in Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman’s book and heck even Twilight. I think the age of fairytales isn’t gone yet. It just needs be updated for the 21st century. We need to go back to the root of fairytales.

I decided to group my Dark Fantasy stories under one series: Dark Fairytales. They are set in the same world. A world where the odd and strange is real. A world where vampires lurk demons sneak in the shadows and werewolves rule the forests. So in the future whenever I release Dark Fantasy it’ll be part of my series: Dark Fairytales. They will share settings, stories, maybe even characters.

The Dark Fairytales series currently counts 2 stories:

1. To Hell with Blackjack
2. Why Wolves Fear Humans

The next one to be released is called:

A Thirst for Life.

This oen will be released as soon as the coverart is done. It is currently a matter of getting the okay of a DevianArt user.
These three each focus on a certain supernatural being and give you my personal interpretation:

1. To Hell with Blackjack : The Devil
2 Why Wolves Fear Humans: Werewolves
3. A Thirst for Life: Vampires

I’m als glad to unveil a logo for this series:


~ by Sander on October 2, 2012.

One Response to “Dark Fairytales”

  1. I love fairy tales. Not the sweet Disney kind so much as the darker, older ones. They’ve definitely inspired a lot of my writing too. Congrats on the new story.

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