Space is Silence

Space is silent they said when we left earth for the first time. So silent they put up maddening music in every room of the ships. Still now, between the slashing and hacking of the foe outside, I can hear Bach’s compositions blast through the speakers.

“WARNING,” the calming voice of the onboard computer states, “ESCAPEPODS MALFUNCTIONING.” So much for getting out of here alive.

I’m the lucky one. I’m about to go out there and find them. What happened to them in those deafening moments when Partita #1 drowned out their screams?

Genius had saved my life. It didn’t abandon me like the time I did my Captain’s exam or when I attempted to prove I could be an engineer. The engine room was the ideal hiding place. Even for a low-class member of the cleaning crew. I wanted the stars and rich men in fancy ships don’t clean. Fancy ships also have large engine rooms.

The sound of the dying ended; the silence of death filled the air now solely accompanied by a composition by Mozart. I stepped from my hide out in the engine room onto the lower decks of the ship. Everyone lay dead or dying.


The rich had thrown their money and jewelry onto the floor. Hoping perhaps the pirates would take them and leave them alive. Now their cold fingers still held onto bracelets and wedding rings.

The higher decks had windows opening into the great field of stars. Even with the piles of dead men and women, the room still had something magical about it.

One of the stars could be the lights of the pirate ship seeking new victims.

I lay down before the window. Technology had betrayed me. I was here in the heart of space, light-years away from help, seconds from death. The lights of the ship began to flicker, even the music stopped.

I stared into the darkness of, the utter silence and for one fraction of a moment I felt alive.


~ by Sander on September 19, 2012.

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