Life Will Bring Death.

Based on a writingprompt from Reddit:

“for the last generation women have only given birth to twins. What is life like?”

Lines used to only take hours. Now they build rooms to wait in line. Little cubicles moving forward every once in a while. It has a bed, a bathroom, sometimes food.

Reporting a birth used to be good news. A joyous occassion accompanied with parties and cake. Now births happen in grim back-alleys hidden from the government. Everyone knows what will come out: two.

These days pregnancy tests come with an abortionkit. If it works. We have turned too fertile. The only thing in our world still fertile. The fetus is too strong. Women rather commit suicide than birthing a child in this world or they throw their new-born twins in ovens. Soon the government will start to fund the ovens.

My little cubicle moves ahead a few more inches. Even The Gifted. Those with strong DNA who are allowed to have children, hide it in shame. Men volunteer for sterilization and those that don’t are forced. I hid. Because I believed life was still good.

My children would mean prison for me or the oven. But I had left something. I had left life. As I touched the cheek of my little children last night I felt pride and I embraced them. I embraced my ending.

~ by Sander on September 19, 2012.

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