Writing-prompt: Sloth

This is a writing prompt I found online and tried my hand on. I was told to write a story where Sloth is the villain. Because the other 6 deadly sins are easy to portray as villains. This is what I came up with:

What has always confounded me about the human race, is how pointlessly busy they are. From birth to death they are forced to work. To help, to care and to leave behind a legacy. In death they are nothing and take nothing with them.

Greed has turned man into beings who seek out to have more than they ever need. Envy has turned them against one another. They turned deprived in their lust, rolling around in their own destruction. They show pride for things that shall end them. The gluttons will turn on one another. Seeking to eat rather than be eaten. When, finally, they turn to me for help, my answer shall be “no”.

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~ by Sander on September 17, 2012.

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