Mysterious article.


By Roger Graves and Melvin Earl Published on 9/01/12

CROW’S NEST- Doctors and nurses alike are baffled with what can only be described a most disturbing act of pointless criminality. Last night, 20 bags or about 2 1/2 gallons of O- disappeared from the hospital’s basement. O-, which is known in the medical world as a universal donor is a rare blood type and extremely valuable.

“Whoever stole this blood knew what to pick out, they might have the intention to find customers on the black market” says Sergeant Mark Rogers of the Crow’s Nest Police Department. He also added that without proper storage the blood will soon lose any value it might have had before it had been stolen.

Others point at the infamous Blue Moon. The second full moon in the month august that happened to light up in the sky last night. “Pagans used to worship the full moon and it was the ideal time for sacrifices and blood rituals,” said Helena Lance, local tarrot-expert.

HARBURG, GERMANY - JUNE 08:  Blood donations a...

Bags as these are usually stored behind locked doors. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Fact is no one of the dozens of patients and staff present that night reported any suspicious activity and the security cameras did not capture the criminals on tape.

“We are increasing security, no one in the hospital will have to fear this happening again,” assures Dean Lewis Stanley during the press-conference held in the hospital’s cafeteria.

Meanwhile others joked about the possibility of vampiric neighbours. Whatever is behind this theft, it will keep Crow’s Nest talking for the next few weeks.

Note: This is purely fictional. Keep your eyes open for more teasers of my next short story. To receive a notification about its release, fill in your e-mail adress below.



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