Motivation is one of the hardest things to find in this world. This is because we are so busy dividing our attention over so many things. Your job, your studies, your social network, your significant other,your hobby. Motivation not only means you’ll do it, but you’ll like doing it. Here’s how I motivate myself:

English: Typewriter "Hermes" Deutsch...

English: Typewriter “Hermes” Deutsch: Schreibmaschine “Hermes” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make time for writing:
Take one hour per day and specifically devote yourself to writing in that hour. If you can’t handle an hour make it 10 minutes. But find and make time for it.

Set clear goals:
My goal is write a 1000 words per day. I succeed in that daily. Realize what happens if you keep following up on this goal. Writing 200 words per day takes only 10 minutes. Yet 365×200=730000 words per year. This equals one novel per year. Remember that.

Write daily:
Don’t skip a day unless there are pressing reasons. It will become routine. It will become so much routine you’ll soon discover you can easily double your amount of words by just keeping at it.

Share your achievements:
FInd a place where you can brag about your word count. Find friends who are doing the same things. Seek the support of people doing the same thing. Allow yourself that little pat on the back when you finish something.

Reward yourself:
When I’m writing and I have to go to the bathroom I force myself to write at least 500 words more before leaving. Those are the fastest 500 words I ever write. It is silly example but you can use it many other ways. Motivate yourself by finding ways to reward yourself. Little awards but consistent ones. The tough part is you have to be the most strict judge in the history of judging.

What are your ways to motivate yourself?

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~ by Sander on September 5, 2012.

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