American Gods: Review.

Cover of "American Gods: A Novel"

Cover of American Gods: A Novel

American Gods by Neil Gaiman is fantasy for those who love mythology. That’s the shortest way I can describe it.  The story is riddled with characters from all kinds of Pantheon and it would be a shame to miss out on some of them. Not all are spelled out as much.

Our hero, Shadow, starts the story by being released from prison. A new life with his wife Laura is only a plane ride away. Right before his release he learns of his wife’s death. A man on the plane offers him a job. Shadow has nowhere left to go. He refuses anyway but when the man doesn’t take no for an answer he accepts. He becomes the body-guard and driver of the mysterious Mr. Wednesday.

There is something very satisfying about American Gods if you love Mythology like I do. Most characters appearing through the story are, one after the other, based in myths and legend: Anansi, Eostre, Bast. Shadow travels through the Midwest doing the odd job for Wednesday. He soon realizes the man he is working for and the men that man is working with, are no more than humans. The story is interjected with flashbacks to the times where these beings were still revered.

Now how do I rate this? I’d give a 4/5.

The story is brilliant but as I said, its brilliance might be missed by those who are not aware of the underlying meanings. Gaiman crafts a story here that is both fun to read and a joy to reread. The characters in this story are very fun. The old Gods act like they would act if they were human and had flaws. It poses interesting questions about morality and religion without being overly preachy.

There is a little twist at the ending I refuse to give away. Bottom line: read this story, you won’t regret it.

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~ by Sander on September 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “American Gods: Review.”

  1. This one has been on my back burner for years now.

    May I also recommend “Good Omens” with Gaiman an a co-writer.

    • I loved Good Omens! Terry Pratchett is a genius of comedy and sci-fi. Combined with the wit and creativity of Gaiman…. It is brilliant. I howled with laughter reading that one.

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