Cover for Why Wolves Fear Humans.

A few moments ago I finished the cover for “Why Wolves Fear Humans”. The story is currently being uploaded on Amazon and should be released on Sunday depending on how long it takes Amazon to approve it. The story turned out a bit larger than expected. Technically I have to call it a novelette instead of a short story. Don’t worry, the size won’t affect the price. Because I’m a poor student who spends most of his money staying in school. Therefore covers are a luxury item I cannot afford a proper artist. Since free is hard to come by in the world of writers and artists I had to make do. But here it is, none the less, the cover for “Why Wolves Fear Humans”.

The white border at the bottom is an illusion and not there… Ignore it! (Little mistake while resizing)

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~ by Sander on August 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Cover for Why Wolves Fear Humans.”

  1. Here’s how I made a cover.
    Tips: Use your full name. Make your mother proud of you, and let people know who you are. Get a real picture instead of your avatar. I thought you were a girl. Don’t apologize, just offer a helpful tip. Congrats on your first novella.

    • Haha. Thank you for the tip. I don’t use my last name because my last name is not easy to pronounce. I wanted a plain and simple name and so I just shortened it.

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