Why Wolves Fear Humans: preview.

Friends! I am glad to say I am nearing my last few days editing the next story I will be releasing. While I don’t want to spoil anything, I do love a good tease. So here is the opening scene of my next short story, “Why wolves fear humans.”

He only heard his own heartbeat and the crunching of feet on dry leaves. The forest grew thicker. He turned, a fatal mistake. Fear entered his veins causing his heart to skip a beat. They were still on his trail. Not one, dozens of them chasing him at an unnatural speed. He kept running.  One howl answered dozens more. The lupine call for hunt filled the air. Adrenaline forced his feet forward taking one fearful step after the other. He saw it! Barely visible to his tearing eyes were street-lights and somewhere in the distance n engine roared  Only seconds were left before he could reach the road and safety, he only had to take a few  ste-

He stopped. Ten feet below the hill upon which the forest was the road had been carved.  The wolves were closer now than he had ever feared. He could smell their wet fur and feel their damp breath on his shoulder. Jumping was the only solution.  Their presence made the hairs in his neck stand upright as if they waited for him to kill himself.. Closing his eyes and taking as much air in his lungs as he could he leapt. An easy prey.

The concrete felt harder than he expected but he made it and he hadn’t missed the car. If the car hit him he would have a sweeter death than at the mercy of those vicious predators. Lights appeared just around the corner. A wolf’s silhouette caught the headlights and for a second the man hoped the car would drive this hellish monster to pieces. The car screeched to a sudden halt.

He had to warn the driver.  He crawled upright as a sharp pain hit his ankle.  He called out to the good Samaritan. Not fazed by the wolf the man called back. The wolf stopped, many other wolves appeared and moved towards the man. His heart crawled into his neck as he saw the driver approach. Golden eyes were caught in the light of the street-lanterns. The man with the golden eyes grinned at his prey. Broken and chased by his minions. He took the hand-gun from his holster and pointed it at the stranger. Glorious hunt, he thought.


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~ by Sander on August 28, 2012.

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