One small death for a man, one giant loss for mankind.

Neil Armstrong

Cover of Neil Armstrong

I just recently heard the news of Neil Armstrong’s passing and I feel saddened. Not only because we have lost one of history’s greatest recent icons but because he has never seen man go further than the moon. I was born in the 90’s. I have missed the moment Armstrong set foot on the moon. Perhaps if I am very lucky I will see the marslanding. But I am from a generation that missed out on the great time of generation. Yet I seem to born too early for a second time of galactic exploration.  Maybe there is nothing out there for us to find. I don’t want to take that risk, though. We are humans who have the capacity to see more than we can imagine. We should do more than we can imagine.

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~ by Sander on August 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “One small death for a man, one giant loss for mankind.”

  1. I am so sad about Armstrong dying. I was born in the late 80’s, and I feel the same way about our generation missing out on a lot of the space exploration (which seems to have ground to a slow and steady murmur). I was very intrigued by Curiosity, though (and impressed with the setup — I work in a robotics lab, so I loved the method), and I hope at some point we get to see people step on Mars.

    I also love your last two lines — very nicely said.

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  3. I think of Mr. Armstrong as a good soldier. As awesome as the moon landing was; he is famous for being a guinea pig.

  4. Great title and a good article. I was born BEFORE the moon landing! No comments, please. I also wrote a blog on this subject and another Armstrong

    “Walking on the Moon.…Armstrong, Hero or Villain ?”

    Keep up the writing.

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