Reviewing things.

As part of the coEnglish: Question mark. ‪中文(繁體)‬: 半形問號。 topiconntent of this blog I will be reviewing books and stories. I am planning on both doing mainstream as well as indie writers. But the first few reviews will probably be focussed on better known authors. Because libraries are cheaper than online stores. Please let me know which of the following three I should review. Feel free to also comment with suggestions.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larrson



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~ by Sander on August 25, 2012.

4 Responses to “Reviewing things.”

  1. I voted for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” even though I’ve included it in part of a review post of my own because I feel that the trilogy is a serious contender for a place in world literature. No kidding, I feel it’s not just popular, but also should be added to the gradually expanding canon of significant works (I review it on my site as part of a 3-part article on the “demotic” voice in fiction). The thing is, if I had been able also to click another one on your site, my second choice would have been Neil Gaiman, because he’s been so much mentioned in other places, and the mentions are tantalizing and incomplete: I haven’t read him, and I would like to see what you have to say. So, two different reasons for two different choices. Congratulations on getting Freshly Pressed!

    • Thank you very much. I picked these three books because they are books I myself haven’t read and probably should have. I have avoided seeing the movie version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because I want to read the original book first and see the original film “Men who hate women”. As for Gaiamn’s American Gods, it is on my list either way. I will read it. I love Gaiman and I can’t wait to give that book a proper read. Elantris is because I wanted to add some epic fantasy and Brandon Sanderson is a great writer. I cannot wait to read either. Thank you for voting.

      • I am going to recommend one alternative in complete ignorance of what the other alternative offers–but the original Swedish movies of the three “The Girl” novels were so wonderful and so extraordinary that I really hope you’ll at least give them a chance first before seeing the English version remake. It’s been my experience (and this is I can say from experience) that often foreign films are much better than the remakes, even though you have to put up with subtitles.

      • Oh I will watch “Men who hate women” the original version first. But I have heard good things about both Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the oriignal one.

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