Reasons to write.

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Writing, it is an odd thing to do. Money isn’t a motivator. Save for the few successes most writers struggle to put ends together. There might be the lucky ones who can turn it into a full-time job but most of us end up doing on the side of a real job. So what is my motivator then? I can say it isn’t some divine believe that I’m good. I am, sometimes perhaps too, aware of my flaws. Neither am I looking for fame. Writers very rarely end up standing in the spotlight. I think it is because I want to create.

When I was younger I tried to draw, I sucked. The I went into making games, I wasn’t too shabby but my story was more important than anything else. I was always fascinated by good television and books. So if there was something I had to do for the rest of my life, it better involve stories. My first attempt for a story ended up being an epic fantasy. I spent years crafting a world of wonders and story, I created back stories that would boggle the mind. I crafted a world but not a story. By the end of it I realized I was trying too hard to make this world work. So I started crafting stories. I felt more comfortable with short ones so I ended up doing short stories. I can happily say now I am a creator. I create worlds and characters and I love every moment of it. Perhaps I am not great now, perhaps I will never be great. Maybe I will come to the conclusion that it is all a delusion. Maybe the truth is that I’m wasting my time. But I love this. I want this. Whether or not anyone sees what I create is unimportant.

What made you write?

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~ by Sander on August 25, 2012.

5 Responses to “Reasons to write.”

  1. That’s wonderful!! You know what you love and want, and are doing it!! It’s something that pervades the majority, stuck in their ways in some job they hate and have even forgotten their dreams in their misery!
    Okay, not everyone.
    Me, I’m writing because I have a lot to say and a lot to share. Maybe no-one is interested and maybe no-one cares. But I care. I want to do what I love and one of them is cooking. So I’m writing about it. Of course to write about it I have to cook. But I do that anyway because I have to eat.
    No thought or care for money but, I know that when you do something with your heart and love doing it you get something special. And sooner or later this something special pays off in some way or another.
    Keep writing and doing what you love!! It rubs off on people who come across your work. And THAT is the magic!!

    • I couldn’t agree more! Passion is the biggest force in nature. When you love something with your entire heart then there is nothing to stop you. Good luck with writing about cooking. Our subjects might be vastly different but in the end we are both creating. And there is no greater job than that of a creator.

  2. I’m with Hemingway here, who, to paraphrase, said “Writing is the most difficult thing I have ever done.” As for me, I write because I have to. I hope someday to do it well.

  3. Hmmm, there are many reasons; to understand, to share, to play, to escape, to record, to give thanks and indeed to create but mostly – I agree Joseph – because I have to. Writing is a big part of me being who I am. H xxx

  4. I just found this post (and comments) while trying to figure out my new wordpress account for my first blog and attempt at writing some of my thoughts online and found it so inspiring. I have just started working on a short story after not writing for a long time and this post really reminded me of why I want to write. When I was growing up my baby sitter who is now like a grandma to me used to take me to nursing homes to visit there because she told me that it’s always important to hear and learn all the stories of the older generations. I remember being so moved at so young of an age. From that point on I had an instant desire to tell my own stories. It gave me a sense of urgency in a way. I really connect it with a quote by Jim Morrison “I think in art…people are really trying to confirm their own existences”

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